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05/16/2021DML exercises voting is available now on the site.
You can estimate any solved task (with number above 20) by 10-point scale.
06/20/2020The Query Execution Plan is now available for all DBMS supported at the site.
09/11/2018Blogs on sql-ex. (in russian)
11/23/2017MERGE statement is now supported for DML exercises.
09/03/2017Official community of the site is open at vk.com.
01/07/2017 Mobile application (Android) is now available for work with the site forums and more.
07/28/2016Visual modelling (Painting database) are now available on the site.
11/03/2012 Exercises of a learning stage are available now for DBMS Oracle.
03/11/2011The service for queries-optimization competition has been launched. Optimization competition rules.
01/29/2011 Exercises of a learning stage are available now for several DBMS. MS SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL are currently supported at the site.
11/13/2010Use of the common table expressions (CTE) for the solution of exercises on DML and for the majority of rating-stage's exercises on SELECT is allowed now.
07/06/2010Searching and bookmarks service have appeared in the site forum.
01/30/2010The new stage named "Puzzles" is implemented. Exercises of this stage begin with No.251 and are accessible to participants of 3rd stage. The points earned on solving of these exercises do not give a contribution to 3-rd stage, but are included into the total number of points of rating exercises.
07/01/2009New service - Modelling of data - has been launched.
Service allows to add the data into the database for exercises of 2/3 stages and to compare the results on these data of test solution with own query.
06/26/2009The learning stage rating is available now.
05/09/2009The testing system and demo-test on Transact-SQL are available now.
12/13/2008Recent activity of leaders of the rating system (taken tasks and solved exercises within last two weeks) you can see at leaders page.
11/14/2008Tips system has been launched in help of solution of exercises.
10/09/2008The new resource - Interactive textbook on SQL - is opened.
05/30/2008Exercises voting is a new service that appeared on the site.
You can estimate any task of second/third stage by 10-point scale now.
03/22/2008On the page of Rating of second-stage exercises the list of those who have begun the solving an exercise can be seen.
Similar functionality was done on statistics' page . You can get list of professionals in a given geographical location.
02/16/2008The last news letter is on the site now.
01/23/2008Statistics page for certificated professionals was added; you can see distribution over ages and regions.
11/21/2007The learning stage for beginners is started. The page with exercises on SELECT statement and a corresponding forum is already accessible.
08/10/2007Rating page for authors of second-stage exercises is added.
07/06/2007Updating of the forum. New features:
- Editing and removal of messages;
- A prompt reply with citing.
09/09/2006Third testing stage was started with exercise #139
07/09/2006Feedback page of visitors and participants of rating system about the site is added.
05/13/2006The page with the chart of the results shown by participants while solving the exercises on the second stage (SELECT) is added: chart.php . It is possible to compare your results with the results of other participants.
04/08/2006The book "SQL. Problems and solutions" (in Russian), which is analyzing the characteristic mistakes admitted at the solution of the first stage exercises on the site, was published in Peter Publishing Company. Order.
03/22/2006New navigation over forum is realized.
03/05/2006The new resource Books and articles on SQL is opened. Besides other, the analysis of typical mistakes is published there for the first stage exercises.
12/09/2005Checking exercises on independent data is realized, i.e. for each exercise now there is an opportunity to create own checking database. It allows to carry out check of correctness of the solutions more effectively.
09/11/2005The page of a comparative cost estimation of the query execution plan for solutions to the exercises of the testing's second stage is added.
03/25/2005Certified professionals' page is added.
09/19/2004We started posting news of our site (in Russian) on Subscribe.Ru
09/08/2004Now you can experience yourself in solving the exercises on other data manipulation operators (INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE).
03/05/2004Today statistics page is added.
02/24/2004Olympic rating results are added.
11/27/2003Participant photos are now on the personal page along with the page of top 10 results.
11/20/2003Personal page now shows the time spent for solution of each 2nd-stage exercise.
11/07/2003The page of 2nd-stage exercises ordered by difficulty is added.
08/18/2003The forum intended for discussion of the exercises is in the site now.
06/08/2003Now anyone can get its query script for any previously solved exercise.
05/17/2003Last-week rating results are added.
04/14/2003The FAQ page and personal page are added. The 2nd-stage rating is introduced.
02/17/2003The teaching DB schemas are added.
12/15/2002SQL DML reference guide is added.
09/09/2002Publication of this site.
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