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About certification

We reason that the solution of a number of exercises attests sufficiently high qualification. Taking it into account as well as desire of our visitors to have official support of their qualification, the procedure of certification has been realized on the site. Note that acquisition of the certificate is of yours own free will. The solving the exercises and the participating in ratings remain free as before.

The certified professionals page gives information about certificate's owners. Also presence of certain certificate can be confirmed by indicating it's number below:


Requirements for getting the certificate

There are certificates of two types (see outlines). The first can be obtained by everyone who have solved all the rating-stage exercises (up to exercise #63). The second can be obtained by everyone who solved 125 rating exercises. The time for solution of needed number of exercises and rating position are of no concern. Nevertheless, we reserve the right to change exercises and number of exercises needed for certificate as well.

Two types of certificates

SQL DML Certificate (Basic knowledge)
Basic knowledge
(need to solve 63 exercises)
SQL DML Certificate (All requirements)
All requirements
(need to solve 125 exercises)
In addition it is required to solve 30 DML exercises for the certificate of BK type and all the DML exercises to earn certificate of AR type.

The cost of certificates may vary, WebMoney accepts US $ or Euro's. Current prices are:
   Basic knowledge - 36 Euro
   All requirements - 36 Euro
   All requirements in the presence of "Basic Knowledge" - 18 Euro (50%)

Certificate ordering procedure

  • Make an order

  • Transfer payment
    Payment is accomplished by transfer in WebMoney system or via Western Union. A company may pay for their employee; contact us.

  • Send message about payment (to get certificate in a least period of time)
    Earnest request: please let us know about Your payment for the certificate. It is required for us to make the certificate as soon as possible.

In a week after getting the payment, your certificate will be sent by registered mail to the prescribed address.

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