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The first certificate in SQL on SQL-EX.RU

Why is another certificate need?
For years passed since introduction of certification on site more new tasks have been added. Their difficulty is grown. At now the majority of tasks which was in the first and even the second certification stages have been moved to the learning stage. The current BK certificate is no longer of the beginner`s level. The deep knowledge in SQL is required to receive it. The knowing of realization of SQL in SQL Server is required especially.
That`s why we`ve decided to offer the new certificate. It would be a certificate of the beginner`s level and solving of its tasks would not require to know of anything out of SQL-92 standard`s scope. Moreover, it would be possible to select one of the available DBMS (for now it is an SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and, Oracle in prospect).
The conditions and rules of the certification are below.
Admission to the certification tests
The procedure starts with request of candidate to receive the certificate. The candidate also:
- gives all information required for official registration (that is the anonymity is out of rules);
- pays fully or partially (but no less than 20 %) the certificate`s cost. If the payment is partial, the owing is pay off after the successful passing of the certification test.
What exercises would be in the test?
Exercises which would use in test wouldn`t be mentioned on the site and there would no forum by them.
The certification exercises have the learning stage`s difficulty, but the other data schemas would be used. The information about schema would be available for acquaintance before the test`s start. It`s supposed that the candidate who is able to solve exercises of learning stage is capable to solve the certification exercises.
How much exercises would be in the test?
The expected quantity of exercises is 30 (for SELECT) plus 10 (for DML). The candidate must to solve 80% of all tasks for both sections: 24 for SELECT and 8 for DML in the assigned time.
In what form would be the certification test?
The pure time of solving is limited, for instance 40 hours for all tasks in sum. In the calendar calculus the period of solving is limited by one week. In the mean time:
- tasks would be given one by one;
- the scored time is from taking a task to its solution or to breaking the solving (reject);
- the solving of task may be broken in every time. In this case task is considered as unsolved and the timer is stopping. The unsolved task cannot be solved later;
- the test is successfully accomplished if the required minimum quantity of tasks are solved in the assigned time.
Is this possible to retry the test`s solving in the case of failure?
The repeat attempts are allowed, but time before next attempt must be 10 days as minimum. There is no additional payment required.
Are some hints or some kind of help available during the testing?
No help is provided during the testing.
What should I do in case of possible system failure that does not accept the right solution?
If you suppose that the system is reject your right solution, and you think that the test solution of task is wrong you are able to send your complaint to the support service after completion of the test with wording and SQL-query of task`s solution.
If the claim would be valid the results of the test would be reconsidered.
The certification`s rules violation.
In the case of revelation of the certification requirements` violations, such:
- solving of test not without outside help;
- publication of DB schemas and wordings used in certification exercises in any places;
- "help" in the solving of the certification tasks to other people;
the annulment of the certificate would follow. It also would lead to the impossibility to retry the test and no money would be returned for this participant.

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